Eine temporäre Kunstintervention
No. 13, Gartenbad Eglisee, Basel (CH)

October 29, 2022 - February 26, 2023

Gartenbad Eglisee
Egliseestrasse 85

4058 Basel


Swiss artists from the two cantons of Basel, who have produced a diverse oeuvre, are the focus of the exhibition "Gartenbad Eglisee".

The “Gartenbad" forms an exciting exhibition space and hub, where different aspects such as leisure and consumer culture, physical techniques, architecture, nature or urban space meet and merge.

In their work, the artists take up various thematic aspects from the context of the garden pool and create works specifically made for the location.

This exhibition features works by Matthias Frey, Daniel Göttin, Philippe Käppeli, Anita Kuratle, Reto Leibundgut, Max Leiss, Catrin K Lüthi, Maboart, Gerda Maise, protoplast, Martin Raimann, Christian Schoch, Simone Steinegger, Markus Schwander, Suter&Bult, Miguela Tamo, Nicolas Vionnet and Linda Wunderlin


Opening: October 29, 4 pm
Opening hours: daily, 10 am - 5 pm, free  admission


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