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Kulturwochen Ebenrain
Schloss Ebenrain
Sissach (CH)

May 07 - October 31, 2023 

Schloss Ebenrain 
Itingerstrasse 13 
CH-4450 Sissach 

Opening: Sunday, May 7, 2023, 16.00 

Exhibition period: May 07 - October 31, 2022 
Opening hours: The exhibition is open daily and accessible around the clock

KULTURWOCHEN EBENRAIN, an exhibition in public space with works by Martin Raimann (Münchenstein), Urs Aeschbach (Basel), Ursula Pfister (Gelterkinden), Simone Steinegger (Basel), Ursula Bohren and Claudio Magoni, maboart (Reinach), Rudolf Tschudin (Sissach) and Nicolas Vionnet (Zürich). 
Curated and organized by Kitty Schaertlin.

The Kulturwochen Ebenrain in the park of Ebenrain Castle show works by well-known regional artists and offer them a unique opportunity to present their work. The artists have dealt with the space, the nature, the history of the castle and the surroundings. Their works fit in between the existing installations in Ebenrainpark and enrich the castle grounds with its wide meadows, the pond and the wonderful avenue.

The exhibitions in the public space of the upper Basel region complement projects in exhibition spaces and at Kunsthaus Baselland. They thus illustrate the diversity of the canton, which is also of central importance for the promotion of culture.

In addition to the visual arts, the Kulturwochen Ebenrain program includes musical and literary events as well as educational offerings and guided tours. This diverse concept enables the so important cultural participation for many inhabitants of the canton and the region.

Additional information on the participating artists as well as on the further events can be found in the exhibition booklet. The locations of the individual works can be found in the following site plan.

About Face
Bedford Gallery, Lesher Center for the Arts
Walnut Creek (US)

April 15 – June 25, 2023 

Bedford Gallery
Lesher Center for the Arts
1601 Civic Drive
Walnut Creek, CA 94596


The practice of creating portraits dates back nearly 12,000 years to the Neolithic era. What began as plastered human skulls has evolved into paintings, photographs, and sculpture that not only capture the likeness of an individual, but also provide clues about the cultural and societal context in which the person lived.

About Face, a juried and invitational portraiture exhibition, continues this fascinating tradition using a contemporary lens to speculate how future generations might perceive the way we value beauty, power, and ultimately what we hold culturally significant.

This exhibition was juried by Zoë Latzer, Associate Curator and Director of Public Programs, ICA San Jose, and David Reyes, Curator of exhibitions and Collections, Huntsville Museum of Art.


April 15, 2023: Show opens to the public with a Bedford Gallery Member Preview from 11 am – 12 pm, followed by a public reception from 12 – 2pm.


Opening hours:
Wednesday – Sunday, 12 pm - 5 pm

General: $5 (Ages 13+)
Children: free (Ages 12 & under)

Purchase Bedford Gallery admission tickets online or in-person at the LCA Ticket Office, located indoors on the left side of the front entrance.

More is Never Enough

Field Projects Gallery
New York (US)

April 20 – May 13, 2023 

Field Projects Gallery
526 W 26th Street, #807 
New York, NY 10001 

Opening Reception: 
Thursday, April 20, 18:00 
Opening hours: 
Thursday - Saturday, 12:00 - 18:00

Featuring: Ahmadizadeh Melendez, Santina Amato, Hannah Berger, Katina Bitsicas and Rachel Strickland, Adam Chapman, Kate Donoghue, Jessika Edgar, Ghislaine & Lando Fremaux-Valdez, Jia Jia, Sujin Lim, Edgardo Moza, Cora Nimtz, DeJeonge Reese, Marcos Sánchez, Nicolas Vionnet, Lexa Walsh, Adam Gabriel Winnie 
Curated by Triton Mobley

“Far beyond the discourse of economization and industrialization of creativity in the conventional sense, it is now no longer a matter of the becoming-commodity of culture, but rather of economies of desire, of a subservient modulating of our desires and their disciplining modularization.” (Gerald Raunig, Factories of Knowledge, Industries of Creativity (Los Angeles: Semiotext(e), 2013), 105.)

In this collection of works the artists don’t shy away from the excesses of material, production, or spent energy — all surfacing — all unraveling at the seams of discernible tactility. Tufted fibers, undulating clay additions, and the repurposing of lossy images packaged and interwoven all in service of functional spectacle and a refutation to our aesthetic desire. It is within the reaches of this untethering that draws my fascination of how makers craft, build, and simply make their art objects — dotting creative spaces with cultivations of their own aesthetic desires. Within these excesses of material usage the question becomes, how do you determine when the art production stops?

Field Projects is an artist-run project space and online venue dedicated to emerging and mid-career artists. Centered on long-term curatorial projects, Field Projects presents monthly exhibitions at their Chelsea location in addition to participating in pop-up exhibitions in and around New York as well art fairs around the world. For detailed information please visit the gallery website.

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