Eschlikon (CH)

May 09 - October 03, 2021

Silent opening:  Sunday, May 09, 2021, 2 pm

Freely accessible at all times

Entire route approx. 15 km


An exhibition in public space presenting works by Joëlle Allet, ckö, Stefan Kreier, Almira Medaric, Victorine Müller, Elisabeth Nembrini, Ursula Palla, Sonja Rüegg, Christoph Rütimann, steffenschöni, Guido von Stürler, Nicolas Vionnet and Werner Widmer.


More than 20 years ago, as the villages of Eschlikon, Wallenwil and Hurnen merged, a border trail was installed in order to raise the spirit of the new community. The trail consists of 12 stations around the new political municipality. 


Orbit comprises 13 outdoor art installations along this trail and is welcoming visitors to tour around Eschlikon. The works of selected Swiss artists are for half a year on display offering time to rest, discover, contemplate and enjoy the view.


When Eschlikon was founded in the 13th century, Switzerland at the time was in a phase of upheaval. Conflicts between the Pope and the Emperor facilitated the independency of major towns in Switzerland. Consequently the three forest Communities of Uri, Schwyz and Unterwalden formed an alliance in 1291 and successfully established new partnerships for the Confederation. Thurgau became a member much later. In 1798 Napoleon occupied the old Swiss Confederation and re-organised the country according to French standards. It was during this time when new cantons, such as Thurgau and Aargau, were created.


It’s not only common that communities, towns and states join forces but it also makes sense in order to accomplish set goals easier. In 2009 the Eschlikon Future Conference defined principles and values for the community that should 'shine like fixed stars in the firmament of Eschlikon'.


The 13 art installations are shining around the municipality of Eschlikon just like fixed stars. For Orbit the selected artists have intensively analysed the surroundings and are coming up with: golden play of light, framed landscape images, mirror images, space lines, bricks of clay, gigantic knots, gigantic wasps, mystic beings, wind chimes, white views, fairy braids, good wishes and fortune hazelnuts. And whereas the art stations are orbiting around Eschlikon just like geostationary satellites the visitors may move individually fast from one point to another.


All stations have free access and enable a new, different look at the municipality and the surrounding area: To see the big in the small and the small in the big things, is the guiding principle. The skilfully mastered works of art relate to natural phenomena, well known fairy tales or current events and are comprehensively documented on-site. 


Orbit offers a concert by Tobias Preisig, a dance performance by Naomi Schwarz and guided walks with Corinne Schatz, Gabrielle Obrist & Claudia Reeb and Jordanis Theodoridis. Detailed information on the events, guided walks and the positions of the art works is combined on: http://www.0010.ch/exhibitions/aktuell/1188


The Cultural Trail Orbit was jointly developed by the Municipality of Eschlikon and widmertheodoridis gallery.

Press release




Studio 100

Releasing October 10, 2020

On the occasion of the exhibition "Studio 100" I was able to realize Colour Me Surprised (2012) for the second time together with Wouter Sibum (Rotterdam). Now the catalog is available and we are happy about the nice contribution!

Studio 100 was an extraordinary exhibition series on the occasion of the Bauhaus anniversary. In 100 days the exhibition brought 100 protagonists together - artists, designers, architects, performance artists and musicians - an exhibition that showed the artworks of alumnis and current students from 25 years of today's Bauhaus-University Weimar. The project name refers
to the concentrated artistic energy/synergy and creative actionism in 100 years of Bauhaus. Various artistic areas were combined in temporary exhibition blocks. The Studio 100 exhibitions were accompanied by readings, manifestes, performances and podium lectures, for which the small Bauhaus stage was created. The LAB_Studio100 was initiated for the preparation of this project. The LAB as open work-space for everyone, served for scientific discussions and invited to artistic and performative experiments.


There were cooperations with the HfG Archive Ulm and the Pratt Institute New York to establish an international and supraregional connection to contemporary art and current developments in design . With this exhibition tour referred inter-nationally and supra-regionally to the Bauhaus anniversary in Weimar. The exhibition locations, the Kunsthalle Harry Graf Kessler in the center, the Neufert Box in Weimar-Gelmeroda and the exhibition rooms of Gaswerk in Weimar - Weimar extended
across the entire city.


"Studio 100 is a journey through the Bauhaus which the project group and its protagonists in
Weimar have experienced and lived."


For further information please visit: