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størpunkt, Gallery for Contemporary Art

Munich (DE)
January 24 - March 09, 2019


Participating artists: Anja Heymann, Beate Schubert, Danny Frede, Eva Ploder, Karin Oberacher, Luisa Kiendl, Nicolas Vionnet, Roland Regner, Roland Reiter, Volkmar Walther

Curated by Yeliz Kaiser and Stephan Stumpf  
Photography: størpunkt, Gallery for Contemporary Art, Munich

In hybrid forms, the flirtation of art and fashion expresses itself as a game of mutual attraction and repulsion. The two disciplines make interactive use of each other's technical and iconographic repertoires to form cross-genre constellations and at the same time show a similar approach to history.

For decades, art has served as a direct or more indirect source of inspiration for renowned designers - think of Yves Saint Laurent's Mondrian dress - vice versa, fashion has always been a very central motif which runs through the entire history of art. This exhibition explores the question of the interfaces between fashion and art, as well as the hybrid forms they create together. Photographic and sculptural works are in the foreground, as they function as carrier media for both disciplines in everyday practice. The selection of works makes highly topical socio-political themes visible, such as the thematic complex of fast fashion, as well as the purely aesthetic, which playfully challenges our own perceptual behaviour by playing with materiality and fabric. Works that oscillate between art and fashion and question as well as invalidate our human urge to categorize everything - this exhibition unites contemporary positions of artists from different professional backgrounds who all want to discover how art and fashion flirt with each other.

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