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Boys Will Be Boys

Whitdel Arts

Detroit (US)

September 21 – November 03, 2018


Participating artists: Mr. Jonathan P. Berger, Rora Blue, Austin Brady, Ian Burk, Nelson Cantada, Dickie Cox, Matthew Flores, Michael France, Ellen Freyer, Michael Anthony Garguilo, Keegan Kuvach, Douglas Malone, Maxwell McInnis, Andrew Norris, Michael Polakowski, Timo Rissanen, Gigi Salij, John Sippel, Mark Nathan Stafford, Thomas Sturgill, Bryan Thomas, Sanh Tran, Nicolas Vionnet

Curated by Whitdel Arts  
Photography: Melissa Francese

"Boys Will Be Boys" explored different archetypes of masculinity, today’s societal pressures on men, and ramifications of institutionalized expectations. Masculinity has a long and varied history, but with the current climate, the constructs of manhood have come to the forefront of conversation. The variety of media in this exhibition continues the conversation on the limitations and outcomes of the concept of masculinity.

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